Most classes now offered on-line!

As part of our on-going efforts to produce our docu-series, “Under The Vest: Inside the World of Police Dogs,” we are now offering a variety of one-on-one classes, covering a range of photo, video, and multimedia education.

How it works

All of our classes are taught by Jon Kopacz, owner and lead photographer/videographer for Lifework Productions (scroll down to learn more). The majority of our classes are designed to be taught either on-line or in-person. Please note: in-person classes are currently limited to the Metro Detroit area.

As each person comes from a different background, and has different interests, all classes are completely customizable and are designed to compliment whatever your skill level may be. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or are already comfortable with a camera, the class content works around you. Whether you are looking for a one-off session, or are looking to set up a weekly class, we’re happy to accommodate your interest.

Class Pricing

All classes start at 90.00 for a 3-hour session, with regular sessions (weekly, etc) priced on a sliding scale. Please contact us, using the form below, to get a customized quote on repeating sessions.

What Will You Get in Each Class?

  • Personal, one-on-one education, customized to your interests and skill level.
  • Hands-on practice as you follow along with your instructor (Online sessions use screen-sharing).
  • Supplementary guides and informative aids to help reinforce content, discussed during sessions.
  • Customized assignments, designed to quickly build your skill level in your subject of choice.
  • Access to carefully selected practice files, designed to help strengthen your understanding of post-production processes.
  • Constructive reviews of student work, focusing on successes and opportunities for improvement, in line with your interests and subjects of choice.
  • Plenty more educational content and materials, unique to each individual subject.

Contact Us About Classes

About Your Instructor

Jon Kopacz is a Metro-Detroit photographer/videographer who has been working in the multimedia industry since 2008. After earning an associate degree in fine art photography, and a bachelor’s degree in commercial photography and videography, he began lecturing as a guest speaker for numerous colleges and photographic groups. In 2013, he became an adjunct instructor and has since taught at various Metro-Detroit colleges, as well as for independent educational non-profit groups.

Jon served as a board member for the Michigan chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers from 2014-2019, becoming vice president in 2018. In addition to his corporate clients, such as GM, Fiat Chrysler, Toshiba, Foot Locker, and Trinity Health Systems, Jon’s passion for dogs has led him to work with various canine-related businesses and non-profits, such as Pedigree, Friends for the Animals of Metro Detroit, All About Animal Rescue, The Michigan Animal Rescue League, and multiple independently owned dog training and supply companies.

During his time as an educator, Jon has taught over 40 semester-long bachelor’s-level courses, covering 18 different topics, from the History of Photography, Intro to DSLR Cameras, and Understanding Light, to Advanced Video Production, The Business of Photography, and Multimedia Project Management. By designing his class content from the ground up, he ensures his students are provided a unique education – one they wouldn’t be able to get from YouTube or a textbook.

You can see some of Jon’s video work at, his commercial photography at, and his fine art at