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What’s this all about?

We’re making a documentary about life amid the Coronavirus and you are the camera operator! Jon Kopacz and Joe Hamm are collecting videos from anyone willing to share their experiences. By submitting a video or answering a few questions you can become part of the documentary! We want to tell the story of life amid the virus by sharing hundreds of perspectives and stories, as a way of reflecting and learning from this experience.

Follow along on project Facebook page at:

To participate, either submit a video clip

or answer the questionnaire

(or do both if you’d like)

Submit a video

If you would like to submit a video to be included in the “AmidTheVirus” project, please read the following three notes, and click the link:

  1. In the video, please provide general info on where it was filmed (city/state/country). This can be spoken, written on paper, a shot of a visible well-known landmark, etc.
  2. Feel free to include yourself, or just share a clip of what you’re noticing about life amid the virus.
  3. If you wish to be credited, you must include your name/website/handle/etc in the first or last name fields of the content upload page when you click the link below (First Name: @JohnSmith291)

Submit a video at

Answer the questionnaire



By uploading content, either through the provided link or with the provided questionnaire form, you are agreeing to grant perpetual and unrestricted permission for your likeness and creative media to be used in any fashion for the purposes of the project: “#AmidTheVirus.” In order to be credited in the video, all contributors must include their credit name in the “name fields” on the Dropbox content upload page. In the event personal identifying information is freely offered and included in submitted content, the submitting party agrees to grant perpetual and unrestricted permission for their personal identifying information, their likeness, and the likeness of those in the submitted media to be used in any fashion for the purposes of the project: “#AmidTheVirus.”