Look how far you’ve come. Can you even remember what is was like when you first started? Could you have imagined knowing all you know now? You’ve learned. You’ve struggled. You’ve explored. You’ve persevered. You’ve grown.

You’ve gotten to where you are now because of your unyielding search for knowledge. No matter what you know now, you’ll know more tomorrow. You’ll take what you learned yesterday and look deeper. Every epiphany, every illumination feeds your fire to grow, to advance. It drives you to make it better.

We can’t tell you what “it” is. You already know. “It” is your purpose. “It” is what you love. “It” is your ambition. “It” is what you think about when you fall asleep. “It” has been your journey, all this time.


Lifework is a multimedia company for those who are devoted to what they do. The best projects – the ones that inspire us, that make us laugh, that teach us – those are our kinds of projects. We share your adventure with the world. Lifework came from the realization that your passion – your “it” – can enlighten, influence, and galvanize those around you. We have a penchant for teaching, a flare for the dramatic, and a firm belief that it’s easier to inform your audience when your materials look pretty. 


Our strengths are education and entertainment. The process is refreshingly straightforward. It starts with a chat. We learn about you and about about why you do what you do. We want to know what we don’t know. There might be coffee. If you have a dog, there will be a brief segue while we tell you how much we love dogs.

People learn in a variety of ways and we know how to adapt to the differences. We’ll take what you taught us and learn about your audience. Then, we’ll collaborate. We’ll share ideas and pinpoint your message. We’ll design a personality for the project – something that works in harmony with your story. Then, it’s time to get cinematic.


(and K9 Kudo)


(and K9 Ruger)